Your First Visit to the Clinic

Whether you request a consultation on our web form or through the phone, we will confirm your appointment and choose the most suitable medical consultant for you.

It’s important to bring the referral from your main physician if you have one as well as any previous medical reports that you have in relation to your case.

When you arrived at our clinic, you will be welcomed by warmth of our staff who will be keen to provide you a personalized care. You will be requested to provide some information about your medical history or in some cases you might go through some clinical bedside examinations such as blood pressure and height/weight measure etc.

Our doctors will take the time to listen to your needs and concerns and share their knowledge and experience with you before recommending any procedure. They will never tell you to undertake a procedure that you do not need. The trust and safety of our patients is what we value first.

If a procedure is needed, you will be given an appointment and recommendations for any preparation you need to take prior to the procedure.

In case you are not sure you want to take a procedure; our doctors will be glad to schedule another consultation for you to discuss your concerns.