Skin and Laser

Dr. Mazin Fitiany clinics have relentless focus and unyielding dedication on delivering exceptional quality in diagnosis and treatment of skin and hair problems. We combine skin & hair care and treatment using modern cosmetic aids by a group of consultants and specialists from all over the world. Fitiany Clinics are equipped with modern technology devices to provide exceptional health care regarding cosmetic services.

Skin Treatment:

  • Treatment of all skin diseases (Eczema, All types of Allergies, Vitiligo Treatment, Psoriasis and Fungal Diseases)
  • Treatment of Acne Problems (Center has many treatments and creams which are medically licensed for the treatment of skin problems under doctor supervision)
  • Treatment of hair diseases and problems (Center is equipped with different hair care materials which are used under doctor supervision)

Dermatology Cosmetic Services:

  • Botox and Filler Injection
  • Botox Injection for excessive sweating
  • Plasma Injection (prp) for hair, face & Rejuvenation
  • Body Peels (full-partial)
  • Injections for Removing Facial Fillers
  • Mesotherapy for Facial Skin/Face Freshness
  • Mesotherapy For Hair problems
  • Mesotherapy (used to dissolve accumulated fat areas in face and neck)
  • Mesotherapy for Whitening (Body + Certain areas)
  • Ears or Navel Piercing under specialized doctors supervision
  • Varicose Vein Treatment by Laser devices
  • Treatment of Alopecia using Dermojet
  • Jet Plasma (Eyelid Lift - Skin Refreshing- Scars Removal - Wrinkles Removal- Pigments and Alleles- Vascular Tumors)
  • CO2 Injection for dark circles removal


  • Gentle Laser + Gentle Laser Pro (best tools for removing body and facial hair)
  • Fractional laser (used in acne scars treatment, skin peels, pigmentation treatment, skin tightening, moles removal, cracks treatment after pregnancy, obesity, treatment of signs of previous skin surgery)
  • Laser hair removal (body & face hair removal, face freshness, wrinkles removal, pigmentation removal, capillaries removal, varicose veins treatment, whitening/lighting dark areas, tattoo removal, haemangiomas, body scars removal, wart removal, striea after delivery or weight loss