Burn Department

Doctors divide burns into three degrees. It is important to know how to provide first aid for each type.

First-degree Burns: cause minimal skin damage. They affect the outermost layer of skin. Signs of a first-degree burn include: skin turns red, swelling, and painful.

Second-degree Burns: damage extends beyond the top layer of skin. This type causes the skin to blister and become extremely red and sore. Some blisters Rupture, Lead to raw area.

Third-Degree Burns: more serious, it extends through every layer of skin into tendons and bones. The skin become dry white or black, but it is painless due to nerves damage. According to type of burns, treatment is applied.

Recent and Old Burn Treatments


  • Sequential removal of burned/dead Skin
  • Use of tissue extenders (self-inflated and traditional)
  • Skin Grafting (partial-thickness, full-thickness)
  • Using Different Flaps
  • Repair of Joint Contracture Caused By Burns


  • By Laser
  • Injections of Different Materials (Stem Cell -Fat)
  • Medical Treatment (Cream – Silicone)